This training has been developed by the Estonian University of Life Sciences on the request of INTENSE project partners willing to strengthen their expertise in project management. The training has been provided in conjunction with the following INTENSE events:

  • 2019, April 17-18, the INTENSE co-organised conference “Ecology, environmental protection and balanced environmental management: education – science – production – 2019” at KKNU (Kharkiv, Ukraine)
  • 2019, May 30, dissemination and staff training event following up the INTENSE ICT training in Tartu, KKNU (Kharkiv), Ukraine
  • 2019, September 21-24, research (PhD student and academic staff) training and dissemination event at Khovd State University, Mongolia
  • 2019, September 25, academic staff and student training and dissemination session at National University of Mongolia (Ulaanbaatar), Mongolia

The presentation materials used for the training are available here.